Choosing Foam for Outdoor Bench Seats

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Outdoor bench seats do not only provide extra seating, they provide an extra space for more fun when we host gatherings in our patios, porches, or decks. Even simple family dinners and bondings can become more meaningful with a strategically placed outdoor seat.

When it comes to choosing bench seat cushions for benches, most homeowners think that they should only look at the fabric used as cover, or its style and colour. Hardly anyone thinks about the foam. And that’s where most people get it wrong. Your choice of foam lays the foundation, literally, for the durability and comfort of your outdoor bench seats.

Polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam has medium firmness, which makes it one of the most widely used types of foam for cushions and mattresses. It is also relatively inexpensive. Some types of this foam are treated with something that makes it impervious to the growth of mold and mildew. But some types of the foam will soak up water when it gets wet.

Open cell foam. Open cell foam allows air and water to pass through easily. One of its most popular forms, DryFast, is chemically engineered for optimal performance. In addition, it protects against mold and mildew. When it is paired with a good cushion cover, this type of foam can make for a virtually maintenance-free product.

Closed cell. Closed cell foam is more expensive than open cell foam, as it is designed for more specialised applications. This material is equipped to float, because it does not allow air and water to pass freely.

Foam Alternatives

Polyester fiberfill. Affordable and mildew-resistant, polyester fiberfill is a common stuffing for back cushions. It is composed of blown polyester fibers, which are then stuffed into a pre-sewn cover and then inserted into the cushion fabric. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for those who have sensitivity problems. One of the biggest drawbacks of the material, however, is that it can get bent out of shape when washed.

Compressed polyester. Considered as another smart alternative to foam, compressed polyester is polyester batting. One of its most popular forms, Nu-foam, offers more advantages over traditional foam when it comes to yellowing or disintegrating. Nu-foam also does not get wet, and it dries easily. It can, however, compress throughout its life cycle.

Whichever foam type you would personally prefer for your outdoor bench cushions, we at Anstal are committed to getting you the products that you need. This is why we have a full suite of outdoor accessories for all your outdoor living space requirements. These are all sourced from high-quality manufacturers, so you are assured of cushions that are durable and comfortable.

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