Cleaning Your Outdoor Cushion Covers

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Enjoying your outdoor space is not possible without sprucing it up with the accessories that give us comfort. Outdoor cushion covers are certainly among the most important of these. As they come in different fabrics and styles, you can choose those that correspond best to your aesthetics and functionality requirements.

Since they are continuously exposed to the elements, however, you need to clean them every so often. Outdoor cushion covers made from materials that easily fade should especially be maintained with care to lengthen their lifespan. If this is your first time to clean your cushions or you’re looking for pointers on proper cleaning, read on.

Mind the tags. Outdoor cushion covers come in various forms, and each has differing washing instructions. Some fabrics, for instance, should not be soaked too long in water. Others should be kept away from the sun. Read the instructions that are printed on the tags of your cushion covers and follow them.

Prepare the cleaning solution. Most experts recommend combining a bucket of warm water and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid for cleaning cushion covers. But if there is mildew, add a quarter cup of powdered borax.

Soak the accessories. Next, soak the dirty cushions and their covers in your cleaning solution for at least 15 minutes. Again, make sure to follow the instructions on their tags down to the letter.

Scrub away stubborn dirt. If some dirt is still left on the covers after soaking, gently scrub it away with a brush.

Rinse. Hose down everything with water. Be careful not to use a power washer as it can compromise the fabric of your covers.

Dry the accessories. Then, let them air dry. Stand the cushions up on their edge to help them dry faster. Wait until all of them are completely dry.

Apply fabric protector. When the covers are moisture-free, treat them with a fabric protector. This will guard them against stains and dirt, as well as help preserve the durability of the materials.

The Need for Preventive Maintenance

While cleaning outdoor cushion covers and other accessories is important, looking out for possible issues and taking care of them is also critical. As such, it is a good idea to clean your cushions as soon as they start looking like they need it. In addition, keeping the covers out of the worst of the weather will do a lot to ensure you and your family will enjoy them for a long time.

As much as possible, see to it that the accessories are made of high-quality materials. When shopping for outdoor cushions online, for instance, buy from a source that is known to partner with only the best in the industry. At Anstal, we understand the lasting value that a few choice cushion covers can provide - and we build our business around that. This is why you can look forward to products that will serve your home well when you decide to buy your outdoor accessories from us. And we provide excellent customer service, throughout every step of your shopping. Call us today for a catalog.

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