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Designing your outdoor space will not only result in making it look and feel pleasant, it will also dictate the length of time with which you can enjoy it. Accessories are, of course, some of the most important aspects of outdoor design. When it comes to cushions, for instance, a smart homeowner knows to choose the right colour - as well as the right fabric. After all, material choice will be subjected to an inescapable reality tied to outdoor spaces: exposure to the weather.

Below are some of the most popular types of materials used in outdoor cushions, as well as a brief discussion on how they hold up under the elements.

Solution-dyed acrylic. Most furniture fibre starts off as colourless, but solution-dyed acrylic is the opposite. In this material, the fibre is dyed with acrylic pigments and then woven into yarn or turned into cloth. By virtue of its manufacturing, the material is coloured all the way through - which helps lessen its chances of fading under the sun. It is also soft to the touch, making it a popular choice for those who want comfort. Left too long under the sun, however, it eventually fades.

Vinyl. Vinyl outdoor cushions are not as popular as those made from solution-dyed acrylic, but the material also has a lot of advantages, in so far as standing up to the elements is concerned. First off, it is quite resistant to sunlight and water. Because it is a composite, it is also better than acrylic outdoor cushions at keeping off stains. In fact, it can be easily wiped clean when you spill something on it. But it is not as comfortable as solution-dyed acrylic.

Spun polyester. Like the above options, spun polyester is resistant to mildew formation. Compared to acrylic, it is less expensive. But compared to acrylic, it is not as resistant to fading. Cushions made from this material should stay in the shade, as much as possible. Spun polyester can nevertheless be treated with chemicals to make it more durable.

Olefin. Commonly made from polypropylene or polyethylene, olefin is considered to be among the best materials for outdoor accessories. It is weather-resistant, colourfast, as well as comfortable and lightweight. It also dries rather quickly, can easily be shaped and molded, and comes in a lot of colours. But it can fade, if it is not stabilised during production.

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