Outdoor Bench Seats

Outdoor benches are a clever way to maximise an outdoor living area – and make our homes even more beautiful! Anstal hopes to make that possible for your home with our choice selections of outdoor bench seats, cushions, and covers!


Outdoor Cushions

our porch, patio, or deck holds so much potential – and Anstal’s range of outdoor cushions can help tap into that. Our products are available in several styles and colours to match all of your aesthetic needs.


Outdoor Living

An outdoor living area is not only a respite from monotony, it is also a space for relaxation and fun. Furnitures such as deck chairs, wicker chairs, or benches do not only provide a place to rest, they also provide a place to enjoy.


The Importance of an Outdoor Living Space

Every homeowner hopes to have a house that always feels like a home. This is why we invest so much time and effort into prettying up our interiors, choosing the right accessories that match our preferred aesthetics, and maintaining what we have so we can keep enjoying it.

Your Source of Quality Outdoor Accessories in Australia

Your home is your sanctuary, and Anstal is committed to helping you realise all your goals for it. As your trusted resource of high quality outdoor cushions, bench seat cushions, and other accessories in Sydney and the surrounding areas, you can find products from our catalog that are designed to meet your aesthetic and functionality needs.

Whether you’re looking for classic furniture accessories, modern cushions, or rustic adornments, we have you covered. Browse our catalog to start sprucing up your outdoor living space!

A Trusted Business Name

We work with the best in the industry to bring you our offerings, and we supplement that with our dedication to giving you a customer experience that you deserve. When you shop with us, you are treated to:

  • Long lasting value. We understand the value that an outdoor living space adds to a home, and we believe in preserving that value for as long as possible. Our range of accessories is crafted according to the highest industry standards to bring your family products that are comfortable, durable, and safe.
  • Excellent customer service. Our staff is trained to be knowledgeable and courteous at all times, and we will be happy to give you our personal recommendations should you require them. We do not just want to sell you accessories, we want to make sure they bring you joy, too.

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