Signs You Need To Replace Your Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor accessories such as cushions do more than just make a space look pretty. They also play an important role in the fun and comfort you, your family, and your guests will get from a dinner or a party in your backyard. This is why we want to get the best possible outdoor cushions that we can find for our specific needs, and we are willing to spend as much as we should to have them in our outdoor spaces.

As with all material things, though, outdoor cushions do not last forever. If you’re wondering whether it is time to have yours replaced, look for these signs.

The stuffing is coming out. There are various types of foam used in outdoor cushions, and they have differing structural strengths. Some cushions are filled with a foam alternative that is made from blown fibres or foam batting. Fibres and batting are less likely to hold up after a long time, and they will start to break down. The proper foam types take longer to disintegrate but they will, too, after a while. If your cushions no longer look whole and the stuffing is coming out, you should start shopping for new ones.

Not enough support. Outdoor cushions should be able to provide adequate back and buttock support. The comfort we can get out of them varies, naturally, according to the thickness of the interior foam and the type of fabric used for the cover. But cushions should feel good. If you think you can already feel the back of the wicker chair every time you sit down, replace your cushions.

Replacing old cushions should be done properly so you don’t end up wasting time and money. When shopping for outdoor cushions online, consider these tips.

  • Invest in quality. Many homeowners think that a difference in standards is not going to matter much, especially with accessories that are meant to be outside like cushions. But this difference translates into the frequency with which you will replace the cushions, as well as the amount of satisfaction you will get from them. And high quality does not always have to mean a heftier price tag.
  • Buy from a trusted source. Another good rule-of-thumb for online shopping is to buy from a company that is already established in its market. When choosing among fabric stores, for instance, the oldest of them may not be necessarily the best all the time but it would have already proven its reputation at least. Looking up client reviews is also another good way to gauge trustworthiness.

As your source of outdoor cushion covers online, we at Anstal are dedicated to providing homeowners in Sydney and the surrounding areas with the two above things: quality and trustworthiness. We source our products from the best manufacturers in the industry, and we make sure to build on this by extending the kind of customer service that our clients deserve. Our staff is knowledgeable, too, so if you have any concerns, we will be happy to guide you towards making an informed choice.